The 6 Best Kept Secrets to Becoming a Successful Freelancer

Dropping everything and becoming a full-time freelancer is a big step to take – so are you ready for it? This is the first question you need to ask yourself before you plunge head first into the world of working for yourself. On Fourerr we see a a lot of freelancers and after talking with them we understand some of the things you must follow in order to be successful.

If you have thought enough about it and decided it is the right step for you, then here are the 6 best kept (and essential) secrets to helping you gain success as a freelancer…

1) Goals and Business Planning

Setting your goals is the first vital thing you need to do as a freelancer. Think about what you want to achieve – are you hoping to increase your income or simply further your skills as a writer / photographer /  internet marketer? Also look at how much work you will need per day, per week or per month to achieve those new financial goals so that you can plan ahead. This will be the basis for your business plan which will let you set targets, monitor your growth, increase income and create a structure that works for you.

2) Market Research

Research into your niche is vital in ensuring you are entering into a profitable job. Are freelancers in high demand in your industry? How successful are they? Get advice from industry gurus to get tips on how to run your own business.

Fourerr Market Research

3) Best Places to Start

Get started by signing up to micro job sites like Fourerr or other freelancing sites, even if it is just to browse the type of work available or to see who your competitors are. Micro job sites are a great way of establishing yourself in your niche and making a name for yourself.


4) It’s all about the money … or Not?

If money is your motivation for getting started in freelancing, then you need to work out financial outgoings and income before you commit to either a part time or full time freelancing role. Don’t quit your day job right away – try out a few freelancing sites, do some work and see how much you could earn in a set amount of hours. It is up to you to choose your hourly or fixed rate price – how much is your time worth? And can you live from that amount?

5) Portfolio

When you first get started, you may have nothing in the way of a portfolio to show your customers. Therefore, if you are a freelance graphic designer for example, spend some time putting a portfolio together so that you have something to show potential clients. As your client base grows, you will have more samples to show your best work off and this will hopefully draw in more and more customers.

6) Time Keeping

Finally, remember that time keeping is the key to freelancing success. This is not so much a secret but is more along the lines of “common sense”. Don’t be the unreliable freelancer who delivers sub-standard work and constantly misses deadlines. Be reliable and deliver top quality work and you’ll get your clients coming back for more!

time keeping

If you are motivated on becoming a Freelancer and want to give it a try, but without running a risk. Then signup to Fourerr right now, come up with a number of services which you are strong at and publish them. Once you get your first order then provide quality and provide even better quality with great service and you will have no problem getting more orders. And perhaps one day we can list you in our Top 10 Best Selling gigs.

You have nothing to loose! Take action now and sign up to Fourerr.

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