Starting up a New Business? Here are 10 Hot Internet Marketing Trends for 2013!

Whatever your current marketing strategy, there is no doubt that Internet Marketing methods are an essential part of creating a great name for your business. Although some marketing techniques might be expensive and some might not seem worthwhile, there are a large number of  methods that you definitely should be using this year.

So here they are, the 10 hot Internet Marketing trends for 2013 – apply them now and see fast and effective traffic results:

1)     Mobile

Internet marketing doesn’t just have to be about trying to connect with your customers whilst they are sitting at their desktop computer. The average person spends 13 hours per week online. Now with the ever growing popularity of handheld devices with WiFi access, customers can be targeted wherever they are. Browsing the internet and going on social sites has become a time filler for commutes, spare minutes during the day and part of a ritual that will continue to grow over the course of the year. Take advantage of it and target those customers!

Here are a number of Fourerr Gigs which you can use to boost your mobile presence:

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2)     Video

Creating videos are one of the hottest ways of creating a buzz around your brand or a certain product. Around 4 billion online videos are watched every day and 68% of these are shared. Think of the new audiences you could potentially reach by creating a video clip that engages their interests.

Check out the Fourerr Video’s category to get all kind of Video Creation Gigs.

3)     Design

The design of your site is one of the most important parts of your 2013 marketing strategy. Hire a designer that knows what’s hot and try and get involved with the parallax design idea – this is a scrolling web page design which is super hot right now and makes your site much more visually appealing and fun for your web visitors. If they like the look of the site they are therefore likely to browse for longer and potentially make a purchase.

I will do a professional photoshop designing work for you for $4

4)     Targeting

Audience targeting and retargeting is a vital way of reaching out to your visitors once they have left your site. Place display ads relevant to their interests, location and relating to their previous purchases and they will be more likely to buy. Targeting is a great way of making the most of your marketing budget.

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5)     Email Lists

Email marketing is by no means a new phenomenon, but is something you need to stay on top of or get involved in (if you haven’t already) this year. Collect email addresses on product pages or blog opt-in pages and find out what they want. Once you know what they are looking for, you can contact them with more offers in future that relate to their interests.

I will blast Your Solo ad and Email Ad to 400 000 safelist MEMBERS Guarantee 1300 uniqu for $4

6)     Attributions / Analytics

Attributions relate to the analytics and data that you need to know in order to monitor your site’s success as well as the success of your ads. Don’t waste time with ads that aren’t bringing in revenue.

7)     Social Media

Again, social media isn’t a brand new marketing method for 2013 BUT it can be used in such a way that it can help enhance your marketing strategy. Use social media analytics and familiarise yourself with each of the social media platforms so that you can make the most of them this year.

One of the famous categories on Fourerr is Social Marketing

8)     Second Screen

We are living in a world where people don’t just watch TV anymore, they will usually live in a multi screen bubble where they are sat in front of their laptop, use their phone, and browse their iPad all at once. Make sure that you are reaching people via all their devices, not just their computers!

Check out Responsive designs and you will cover all screen devices with one design. A real hot trend in 2013.

I will design a responsive website for $4

9)     Clouds

Cloud computing is all about hosting your site using various cloud based tools. They can help your business’s productivity and expand your knowledge about the internet marketing business in general. Try Google Reader, Dropbox, GoToMeeting, and HootSuite for keeping up with your info, file access, meetings, and social media accounts.

10)  Gaming Influence

Gaming is such a huge part of the interactive experience that it is worth thinking about turning your web design or website experience into something that will appear to the masses of gamers out there. Think about platforms, sites and marketing strategies that can appeal to this new wave of interactive web users and you will see huge results and conversions due to your popularity increase.

I will create a online gaming site for $4

Understand the above 10 Hot Trends and start  creating gigs that fill the demand of these hot trends in 2013.

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