Fourerr Donates 10% of the profit of each Micro Job sold to UNICEF

From today onwards, Fourerr will donate 10 percent of the profit from each Micro Job sold to UNICEF.

UNICEf Unite for Children

We realise, that there are many children in the world today who are in need of our help. We believe in the future of each and every child around the world, that’s why we are donating to UNICEF. Our aim is helping to stop children from suffering from their basic needs. It is totally unfair that some children in today’s economic climate are starving from food, are unnecessary sick, and cannot be provided of basic and fundamental education and sanitation. Although we have made progress in our world today on these issues, many countries still suffers. Children are sick and die because of the lack of funding and we want to make changes. What is fair about this?

Fourerr is touched by the ongoing violence in Syria, which is taking a toll on children and their families. Somalia confronts a new polio outbreak with new cases reported since the last six years. What will be next?

What is UNICEF? – UNICEF works to reduce suffering around the world by providing food, medicine, education and sanitation for underprivileged children of desperate situations. Donations from the public (like us) are used to fund current initiatives that typically focus on programs for child survival and development; gender-based equality and protection from violence; abuse, and exploitation. While utilizing core funds from governments, UN agencies and Special Institutions – to maintain their operating expenses – depends heavily on regular public donations to bolster the resources needed to respond to immediate situations in an effective manner. In addition to cash contributions, UNICEF also cultivates volunteers, goodwill ambassadors and young leaders to help spread their mission to advocate children’s health and well being around the world. UNICEF also sells gift cards and other products and uses their proceeds for on-going programs.

How can your money affect the lives of a child?

$25 – Can provide immunisation to protect a child from measles, polo, diphtheria and other life threatening diseases.

$100 – Can provide a water kit for ten households, including, detergent, soap, wash basin, towels, bucket and water purification tablets.

 $250 – Can provide a “School-in-a-Box” kit that contains education supplies for 80 children during times of crisis.

Watch the following video, if you want to try to understand how some children have to try to survive – sensitive materials!

Donations to UNICEF may be routed to specific programs in 190 countries where operations occur. Ongoing programs include:-preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS among children through medication and vaccinations- promoting access to clean water and institute sanitation practices for families- combating the effects of malnutrition with therapeutic foods that maintains health- educating children by building schools, training teachers and buying supplies- distributing products like mosquito nets that reduce the risk of malaria and other insect-borne diseases- creating social programs to promote gender equality, temperate race relations and to stop child abuse through violence or trafficking

Become an Active Seller or Buyer and you too will help unfortunate children

Thus, becoming an active seller on Fourerr, can help contribute to the lives of many desperate children around our world.

Fourerr’s approach, supported by the entire team and the CEO is showing that we care about our world, with our donations and willingness to provide continual charitable donations to a respectable and effective non-profit organization like UNICEF.

Thus every single Micro Job which you buy or which you sell will from now onwards have a positive impact on the lives of unfortunate kids around the world.

Fourerr would like to thank sellers here for their hard work and dedication, and as long as you are a seller here on Fourerr you are a part of the team.

How will this work?

  • Every time you make a sale on Fourerr we will make a “Virtual” donation
  • This will not impact both Buyer and Seller in any way (no money will be deducted from your earnings)
  • When the Seller withdrawn his earnings then we will add 10% of the Fourerr profits into a savings jar
  • Even as a seller you are contributing – every sale you make will ultimately result into a donation – Share your gigs now
  • Every 3 months we make an actual contribution to UNICEF

Let’s positively contribute improving the lives of many children for good!

PS: Fourerr is in no way associated with Unicef – We  believe in how Unicef helps children across the globe.

You can make a donation on UNICEF here.

Check out the Editors Pick Micro Jobs on Fourerr to get you started.

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