Top Tips for Buyers: How to Find the BEST Gigs on Fourerr

When buying a gig on Fourerr, you need to remember that there are a lot of sellers who are competing against one another for your money. Not all sellers will deliver the same quality of service, but if it is quality you are after, there are a few things you can do to narrow down your contenders and find the best of the best gigs on Fourerr.


We have made the site easy to navigate for you. On the homepage you can begin to filter the gigs so that you can find the one that’s right for you. You will find the “Filter By” bar here:

Fourerr - Filter

You can then select “Popularity” in order to get a list of the most popular search results. If you are looking for a popular gig in a specific category, you can pick one from the list on the right hand side and then select “Popularity” afterwards.

Fourerr Categories

This way you can get the most popular results but in the relevant category too. Popularity is rated on amount of sales, views and rating a seller has had.


The rating a gig has is decided on the amount of positive feedback other buyers have left on that particular gig. This means that sellers with 100% positive feedback will be listed first in descending order of rating so that you can opt for the top quality candidates! The star rating is just like the rating you can give a film – the more stars out of 5 a gig has, the more popular it is.

Express Gigs

If you need super-fast delivery (i.e. within 24 hours) then you can order an “Express Gig” from Fourerr – these are the gigs that have been set by the seller as “Express” simply because the gig will be with you within 1 day at most. You may also want to select a category first and then find the express gigs so that you don’t spend ages looking for the type of gig you want.

Editor’s Pick

Our editors at Fourerr are constantly on the lookout for gigs which can inspire, educate, or conjure up a smile. Therefore, if you trust Fourerr and are looking for creative gigs, you can rely on the Fourerr editor’s judgement of certain gigs in order to find the best.


Gigs with the orange “Featured” banner across the gig icon shows that the seller has committed to “featuring” their gig for 30 days. This means that they are willing to invest $5 so that you can see their gig and buy from them!

Tips to Find the Best Gigs

  • Look for something out of the ordinary in the “Fun and Bizarre” category
  • Look for good seller stats as well as good gig stats
  • Always read feedback before buying a gig
  • Look at people who have “Liked” a gig

Fourerr Likes

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2 Comments on Top Tips for Buyers: How to Find the BEST Gigs on Fourerr

  1. shahadat hossain // June 3, 2013 at 1:38 pm // Reply

    Sir, i am new in fourerr. Can i use moneybokers for the payment system or credit card?
    Plz, replly .

    • Hi, thanks for contacting us here.

      We cannot accept incoming payments through MoneyBookers but we can pay out through MoneyBookers. This is a manual process and you would need to contact the helpdesk.

      Have a wonderful day.


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