Top Business Opportunities for Stay-At-Home Mums at Fourerr

For stay at home mums, there are plenty of work opportunities which you can start to help yourself earn a bit more money. The money that you earn can help you pay some bills or help with daily expenses, and with that extra cash in your pocket you can feel a great relief.

But where do you begin picking a job that you can do and how do you get started? First, you need to choose a discipline or skill which you can monetise. Then you can get started on Fourerr and develop your online business from there.


Fourerr Writing - Stay At Home Moms If you have a knack for writing, then putting those skills to good use and earning money from the comfort of your laptop is a great way of boosting your earning potential. Whether you are a creative writer, article writer, skilled blogger or great technical writer there are plenty of freelance writing opportunities for you. Use Fourerr to post simple gigs such as blog or SEO article writing to get yourself started and then start advertising your services on social networks so that you can gather as many customers as you can to boost your earnings.

Click here if you want to see some example Writing Micro Jobs on Fourerr


Social Media Marketing FourerrIf you are good at spreading a buzz or advertising by word of mouth, creating web copy, writing optimised content, selling Facebook likes or Twitter followers, or creating YouTube commercials, you can make money as a marketer.

There are many online businesses nowadays, and by selling your marketing skills you can help them advertise their brands whilst also earning extra cash yourself. Set up a gig on Fourerr and place it in the “Advertising” category with relevant keyword tags so that brands can find you and buy your services!

Click here if you want to see some example Social Media Micro Jobs on Fourerr


Graphic Design on FourerrWhether you are into web design, painting, 3D modelling, nail art, logo design, line art, or editing photos, you can help other businesses operating online by sharing your artistic skills. Be creative and offer something that others aren’t offering so that you can stand out from your competitors and always make sure you show what you can do.

When you post your gig on Fourerr, make sure that you add extra images examples of your work. This will show Fourerr buyers your commitment to your art, and will also show how good you are! Also remember that designs that are created in JPG format can be delivered much easier than printed images that you have to post!

Click here if you want to see some example Graphic Design Micro Jobs on Fourerr


Movie Making On FourerrAny stay at home mum that has a knack for filming (or even just editing film!) will do well on Fourerr. YouTube videos are becoming a huge part of the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) marketing process, and if you can create them easily then you will be able to earn money quickly and be in high demand.

Remember that you are selling your services for $4 on Fourerr so work out how long each video will take to make and charge it accordingly. For example, you won’t want to create a video that takes you hours to create if you’re only earning $4 – be vigilant and upfront about what your buyers can get for their money!

If you want to add some special features then you can always add some Extra Gigs.

Click here if you want to see some example Video Micro Jobs on Fourerr

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PS: If you are a working from Home Mom and earning income from Fourerr then we love to hear from you. Leave your feedback below or just contact us by e-mail contact at fourerr [dot] com

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