How to Build a New Blog in Less than 5 Minutes and Publish Your Fourerr Micro Jobs Automatically

In this online show I’m challenging myself and I’m going to show you the results of the challenge here in this video, even if I fail the challenge!

Fourerr Challenge

The challenge is to setup a “New blog in less than 5 minutes and publish your Fourerr Micro Jobs automatically”, all within 5 minutes.

The reason I’m challenging myself here is to show that you can boost your Fourerr earnings by creating your own blog and make more money, manage your own content and give your customers extra details about the services you provide. In addition you can promote your own blog and your own domain on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms knowing that every time you create a new Fourerr Micro Job your own blog has been updated with the latest data, including the number of visitors you get.

These are the tasks I will have to go through in order to succeed the challenge. Will I be able to do this all within 5 minutes? Check out the video.

  • Choose a domain name
  • Setup a new Account with HostGator
  • Pay for the New HostGator Account
  • Install WordPress on the new domain Name
  • Login on the WordPress Backoffice and customise
  • Setup a new Theme on WordPress for the new domain
  • Install the RSS Multi Importer Plugin
  • Configure the RSS Multi Importer Plugin
  • Publish Fourerr Micro Jobs to the blog for a Fourerr user

If you want to setup yourself a blog and pull in your Fourerr Micro Jobs then just look at the Video and follow the instructions.

Fourerr HostGator

You can install your blog, just as I did on HostGator, use the following link (affiliate link) if you want to install on HostGator – Use discount code – FOURERR2013 – if you want to enjoy 25% discount. You can still do the same on any other hosting company.

What did you think of the challenge? Do you think I made it?

If you want to see the result then check out here:

PS: I had to stop the recording of the video at 2:35 as I had to wait for a few minutes to receive the details from HostGator and before the name servers were updated.

PS2: Why not record your own video and see if you can beat my time? Share it here with us! (I lost a lot of time on the registration process – I’m sure you can beat this) – Start here

I’m challenging You to Beat My Time!

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5 Comments on How to Build a New Blog in Less than 5 Minutes and Publish Your Fourerr Micro Jobs Automatically

  1. RCONNORIII // May 24, 2013 at 2:11 pm // Reply

    Love this site keep “Rockin”

  2. Hey Thomas, I got a thrill watching your video and finding you using me for your demo!! What a great idea!!. One could also use this as a gig for Fourerr such as “I will advertise your gigs on my blog for $4.00” LET THE CHALLENGE BEGIN!!
    Sue, aka Sweetkicker!!!

    • Absolutely right Sue – trying to be everywhere will certainly give you more exposure and therefore increase your sales. As demonstrated by using the Fourerr RSS feed you can easily spread your Micro Jobs, other uses could be on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr … all places where you can use the RSS feed.

      Have a great day and stay safe!


  3. Hey Thomas, I got a kick out of watching and seeing you use me for your demo!! An excellent job and Idea!! One could also use the blog they create as a gig for Fourerr, such as “I will feature your gigs on my blog for $4.00”

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