SweetKicker, You are a Fourerr Top Seller! Congrats!

Congratulations SweetKicker, You are a Fourerr Top Seller and you Super Amazing!

Sweetkicker, aka Sue is one of our Top Seller from Canada. I know Sue since almost the beginning when I started Fourerr. Sue has been with us for a very long time and is very dedicated to provide super-quality every single time. She is very skilled in what she has on offer and she certainly aims to be the best at all times, she follows what we preach here – Don’t Bother Being Mediocre – Be Simply The Best!

SweetKicker you are a Fourerr Top Seller

We were absolutely thrilled when we saw her e-mail response with the following words in it – “Of Course!!” – when we told her that she is a Top Seller and we begged her to fire off a few interview questions. Phew!

This is the interview with her, read exactly what Sue is saying as we all can learn a lot from her.


Sue, You are a Top Seller on Fourerr, how did you get started on Fourerr and when?

I have been a member of Fourerr since November, 2011.  To be honest I did not become acquainted with “gig sites” until shortly before this time when I was looking for a graphic artist to do some work for a website I owned and one of my members introduced me to another gig site.

I looked over that site with fascination!  I think when one first discovers these kind of sites, they enjoy sifting through some of the gigs and laughing at how outlandish some are.  However, what I noticed was that some of the gigs I was chuckling at had many orders waiting in queue and some members seemed to be making quite an income from their offerings.

From looking at your orders and the way you treat people it is clear that you like to over-deliver and provide high quality. What drives you to provide such a high quality, every single time?

As a website developer for many years, I have bought marketing products from various sales pages and dime sale offerings.  I became disappointed with “after sales service”.  These sellers I found out quickly were resellers for others and did not know how to answer my questions when things did not work with their products.  The standard answer I got was “read the sales page it states no refunds”.

I realized being a seller online, is faceless and impersonal with little recourse if you need help.  It may sound like a cliche, but I feel providing top notch customer service is one of the factors that is completely in my control as to whether my customers enjoy their experience with me and would consider purchasing from me in future.

I have been browsing through your Fourerr Micro Jobs and you provide a whole range of services, starting from some top quality SEO Micro Jobs, selling ready made websites, eBooks and educational products. You are definitely multi talented. How do you go about selecting such a huge variety of Micro Jobs? Is this your secret to become Top Seller?

My main line of work is SEO services and website development   Over the course of time, I have purchased and developed many products.  Some great and some not so great!  I realized these products can also benefit others.  Offering some of the better ones here on Fourerr that suit a variety of different needs not only saves others the headaches I have gone through but definitely contributes to becoming a top seller.

How does Feedback from buyers affect you? Is this important to you? Does it motivate you?

When I choose to buy on Fourerr (or any site that incorporates feedback), I look at different things before deciding to buy their product or service. One of the first things I look at is the sellers feedback.  It is a tool in determining the experience  others have had with the seller.  I keep in mind that this is only a tool and that some negative feedback may be unavoidable.  Generally I will look for positive feedback of at least 85%.  Feedback definitely motivates me and I would encourage all who have a good experience with the seller to take the time to leave feedback as this can help us with future orders.  I myself even provide follow up bonuses for those who take the time to leave a positive feedback.

Can you describe in a few words what you think about Fourerr? Anything at all? What can Fourerr improve to make your life as a Top Seller better?

Fourerr is an invaluable marketplace for generating extra income and you have done so while retaining the “personal touch”.  Selling products with your own website means hosting costs, maintenance, creating your online store, configuring payment systems, knowing how to promote it and waiting and hoping people will stumble upon your sales page.  Fourerr takes care of all this for you by providing free, simple registration,  while providing and maintaining a highly trafficked website.  The exposure Fourerr can provide is priceless.

The one area I would like to see implemented is the ability to have the buyer or seller able to remove or revise their feedback.  The reason being, some people leave negative feedback because they misunderstood a gig or are unhappy with something beyond the sellers control.  This would promote greater communication between buyer and seller and provide the seller a chance to help an unsatisfied customer.

Can you give two tips for the newbies who like to become Top Seller, just like yourself, what they can do to boost their Fourerr sales?

If your browse through Fourerr, their are hundreds of people offering the same thing, such as Logo Design, Twitter Followers etc,  you need to be willing to make the extra effort to convince  buyers that yours is the gig to purchase.

  1. My first tip would be to make it simple for your buyer! This means a clear, concise title.  Don’t attempt to describe your whole gig in the title.  If someone cant get what your gig is about by your title they will pass you by.”I will create a professional looking Logo for your company”  is much more effective then “I will create, a great full colour, high definition, vector designed Logo for you”  Keep your description for the description section.
  2. Offer a variety of gigs! Deliver these gigs with the highest possible quality, go above and beyond to ensure satisfaction for your customers and you will soon have many happy repeat clients.

To close the interview, which of your Micro Jobs would you recommend to anyone and why?

The first gig I would recommend is:

I will provide a complete SEO Campaign.

I will provide a complete SEO Campaign.

Proper SEO work is invaluable for a website.  Take backlinks for example.

Many companies now sell backlinks however these companies usually offer thousands of links at a time and are called link farms, and they are not only disregarded by search engines, but linking to a link farm could get your site banned entirely.

My team at has 6 years of expertise, all our seo services are completely search engine friendly.

Secondly I would recommend my newest gig

I will give you a 1 month membership to my SEO Site!

I will give you a 1 month membership to my SEO Site!

This gives you access to numerous products for only $4

  • ETC

Sue, Many thanks for accepting the interview and I personally can recommend purchasing the Micro Job to get access for one month to all the above tools and products. Amazing Value!

If you are serious about selling on Fourerr then put the tips of Sue to the practice and also check out the following resources:

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  1. Congrats Sue!… I pray to be like you soon!

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