Not happy with your Fourerr purchase? This is what you can do!

Sometimes it can happen that you put all your good faith and money into one seller promising you exactly what you have been searching for.

When the seller delivers the service and it isn’t really what he was promising, assuming you had previous communications with the seller what can you do next?

 The order is not what I wanted, what can I do?

First of all never complete an order until you, as a buyer, are 100% happy with the order. If you are not happy then simply communicate with the seller and say that you are not happy and indicate what your expectations were. Perhaps it was just a simple miscommunication and the seller doesn’t want to ruin his good reputation and therefore will be able to help.

After you have received the order and you are not happy then use the “Reject Delivered Work” button on the Order page. This then indicates to the seller that you were not happy and that you are not willing to pay for the order. You will not pay for the purchased Micro Job until you are happy.

Your money is safe on Fourerr. If the seller fails to respond then your money is returned to you.

mutual cancellation

My order is late what can I do?

Just check kindly with the seller what the reason is that the order is delayed, perhaps he was tight up or the order was more complicated then expected and exceeded his time frames. In this case you can use the “You and the Seller Agree to Cancel“, the money will be returned within 3 days if the seller doesn’t respond.

Under all circumstances your money is returned into your Fourerr account if you are not happy with the order. Your money is 100% safe with Fourerr and we will only release your money to the seller when you are happy.

There is no need to contact the helpdesk or to check with PayPal as your money is safe on Fourerr. Ofcourse you can contact the Helpdesk at any time if there are any disputes.

I’m happy with my order, what should I do?

Complete your order, leave a positive feedback for the seller and share your happiness with others.

If you are really happy with the order then shout it from the rooftops and share it with your friends on Twitter or Facebook.

Recommend Fourerr Micro Job

Recommend Order

Any questions then let us know, leave a comment below or contact the Helpdesk who can explain this further.

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