How Can Fourerr Help Small Online Businesses?

Firstly, Happy Easter to you all! I hope you had a lovely time with families and taking part in lots of Easter egg hunts…

Secondly, welcome to the summer. Most of us wouldn’t believe it was summer with the cold temperatures still hovering. Let’s hope for some sunshine soon! (This is London!)

Around this time of year, many people start to think about starting businesses or even developing their current business. If you work online, there is nothing quite like the summer months to motivate you into developing a more successful company with more clients, customers, better branding and maximised profitability.

So, how can Fourerr help you as a small online business? Here’s how:

Cheap Outsourcing Services

Fourerr offers cheap ($4 to be precise!) gigs that elsewhere can cost hundreds of dollars. Whether it is web development, SEO marketing, creating a presence on social media, or simply creating a new logo for your business, there are gigs to match your needs on the site.

By saving money on small tasks that you outsource, you can put more money into developing other areas of your business and stay on top of your finances.

Fourerr Outsourcing

Outsource your business on Fourerr and take control!

Skilled Freelancers at Your Disposal

The freelancers that post gigs on Fourerr are there because they want to help. Make the most of their flexibility, their different skills, and their cheap prices. Use other buyer’s reviews and feedback to get an idea about the quality of work the seller produces and always ask them questions about their gig and check response times as well as professionalism – a good seller will answer in good time as well as in a friendly manner.

Flexible Workers

Fourerr sellers are required to put an estimated delivery time on their gigs in order to give you, the buyer, an idea about when you can expect your gig to be delivered. Because of this, you can plan your business accordingly. For example if you’re using one person to design a banner for your website, one seller to write the content for the homepage, and another to program widgets, you can make sure that you have them all within a short timescale so that you can get your website or ecommerce business up and running as soon as possible!

Fourerr Flexible Worker

Fourerr Flexible and Virtual Assistants for your business

Control Employee Budget

You no longer have to employee an assistant full-time to get jobs done. Instead, you can hire Fourerr sellers as and when you need the work done. You also can avoid hourly costs and pay just the fixed price of $4 to get data entry, proofreading or other admin tasks done quickly and efficiently. Set out a budget of $4 per freelancer to test each seller’s skills before hand and then invest some of your budget in ordering multiple gigs if this is what you need.

Save Money on Marketing

Social media, SEO and other online marketing is essential for boosting small online business visibility and credibility. Use Fourerr social network experts, SEO gurus and e-marketing pros to target customers and draw even more traffic to your site.

What’s next?

Thanks for reading!

PS: Leave us a comment below if Fourerr has been able to help your online business. Share your success story in comment area below.

2 Comments on How Can Fourerr Help Small Online Businesses?

  1. Barry close // April 3, 2013 at 9:39 pm // Reply

    Very disappointed, my 1st gig ordered, nothing delivered and they took my money, is this a scam site or what?

    • Hi Barry,

      Nobody has taken your money, if your order has not been delivered then a refund is due. We keep your money safely in escrow to prevent exactly cases like this where the seller does not deliver.

      So your money is safe.

      What are your options right now:

      1) Contact the Seller and ask him why is late with his delivery

      2) Request a Mutual cancellation – if the seller does not respond then the order will automatically cancelled with 3 days.

      3) Lastly just Contact the Helpdesk – and they will look into detail into your order.

      Hope this helps


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