Fourerr’s Most searched Keywords

It just wouldn’t make sense to advertise shoes in the Apple Store, likewise it wouldn’t make sense to try to sell ski gear in the middle of the summer. That’s why we would like to give you the tools so you as a seller know exactly what your potential buyers here on Fourerr are searching for.

The following is a list of most frequent searched keywords that people are searching for on Fourerr, the keywords are ranked from most searched to least searched.

This list is for February 2013.

Use these keywords wisely and possibly include them in your gig title, description and tags.

Another Tip from Fourerr!

Perhaps check out the January 2013 Keywords

1 Comment on Fourerr’s Most searched Keywords

  1. actually i disagree sellinf ski gear in the middle of summer makes perfect sense. summer is when you buy your winter stuff cause its all on sell and winter you buy all your summer stuff. i got my pro snowboard last summer for 30 bucks

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