Top 10 Tips for Boosting Your Fourerr Gig Sales

Generating gig sales is a big thing, and if you want to increase your earning potential on Fourerr, there are a few things you can do to guarantee success. This Top 10 list might make from you a Fourerr Top Seller. Here are out top tips for boosting those all important sales:

Fourerr Increase Sales

1)  Make a Blog

You can make free blogs on WordPress, Blogger and LiveJournal where you can share expertise and interact with novices and other professionals in your field. This is a great way of advertising your services but also interacting with potential customers and clients. A perhaps create a Squidoo Lens with your Fourerr Gigs – you can easily use your Fourerr RSS feed for this. Check out this video that shows the benefits of your Fourerr RSS feed.

2) Get Referrals

When you have already had a few sales on Fourerr, simply ask your happy customers to mention your gig to other people, whether it is friends or business associates – the more people they can recommend you to, the more sales you are likely to get.

3) Post Comments on Blogs

Improving your visibility can boost your potential sales immensely. Subscribe to plenty of relelvant blogs and collect advice and knowledge as well as leaving helpful comments – put your gig link in your signature if the blog allows this.

4) Place Video on Your Gig

A proven way of increasing gig visibility is adding a video to either introduce yourself or your gig – it can be very reassuring for potential buyers and you can give them a taste of what to expect from your gig. In addition publish a video on YouTube with a link back to your Fourerr Gigs.

5) Add Relevant Tags

Optimising your tags is an essential part of drawing buyers to your gig. Make the tags as relevant as possible so that buyers can find you straight away rather than browsing through other gigs and choosing them. By adding tags we will display your gigs in the “Related Area”

6) Start Threads on Forums

Sign up to marketing, freelancing or online work forums so that you can pick up advice from industry gurus and also let people know about your gig. Direct promotion isn’t usually allowed but a link to your gig on the forum profile may be.

7) Use Social Networks

Most people have more than a few friends on Twitter or Facebook so tweeting a link to your gig or sharing and getting “Likes” is a great way of reaching out to friends. If it is re-tweeted on Twitter or Shared on Facebook it can reach out to a much larger number of people. Look out for the Sharing links on your gig page, use them and your message could be shared within seconds with your friends.

8) Offer Guest Posts

When you have your own blog, you can offer guest posts to other blogs to not only monetise the site but to also draw more people to your gig. Always look at relevant sites for sending guest posts and always adhere to their rules. Or perhaps write Guest Posts that relate to your service and publish it on other blogs with a link back to your Fourerr gigs.

9) Highlight or Feature Your Gig

For $5 Feature your gig on Fourerr for 30 days or make it stand out by highlighting it – the choice is yours. This triples the number of views you get for your gig.

Fourerr Highlight Gig

10) Ask for reviews

When you make a sale and the buyer is satisfied, ask them o review your gig as it is marked as “complete” – this will let other buyers know about your quality and reliability.

The great thing about these tips is that they are all absolutely FREE so that you can maximise earning potential without worrying about outgoings!

Check out your gigs on Fourerr and implement these tiny changes right now.

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2 Comments on Top 10 Tips for Boosting Your Fourerr Gig Sales

  1. Not all free as highlighting costs money… you should have brought my gig to proofread!

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