How to Make Use of Fourerr as a Seller?


Many online entrepreneurs have been joining Fourerr in 2013. So this series is especially for Fourerr Sellers and how to get the best out of Fourerr and get orders.

Fourerr was established two years ago.  The online marketplace lets buyers get certain tasks done for just $4 while sellers benefit through the income they earn by coming up with simple gigs that the buyers are looking for. For more information see the following video.

As a seller on Fourerr, you have the advantage over other sellers on other “more expensive” online marketplaces like Fiverr and GigBucks. On Fiverr, each gig sells for $5 dollars or more. On Fourerr, each gig comes with a $4 price tag. This means that more buyers could get attracted to the service you offer as it costs a lot less when they purchase it from the other site, and still providing the same quality. In fact, the gigs on Fourerr cost 20% cheaper than on Fiverr (Yeah!). You should take this to mind when figuring out the best place to hawk your wares, so to speak. Thus for both Buyers and Sellers, Fourerr is the place to be.

Additionally, you also gain from the quickest customer support throughout all Fiverr Like websites (that’s a fact). If ever you have problems with your profile or you need some issues fixed, all you need is get in touch with the helpful customer service staff and you won’t have any more problems, till date all issues have been resolved. Furthermore, you won’t have trouble clinching a deal with a prospective buyer as Fourerr provides a pretty straightforward buying process. A click here and a click there and a buyer can order your gig. It’s as simple as that.

So, what should you do as a seller? It is very simple, really. You just have to come up with a gig to post on the site. Of course, it is understood that you have already signed up as a seller on Fourerr and that you have a PayPal or Payza account. You can easily fill out the form that says “I will – insert your service here – for four dollars”. When you do that, you will be taken to a page where you can provide a detailed description of the service you are offering, additional info (if applicable) and a relevant picture (Important!). Be sure that your description will explain exactly what you are willing to do for four dollars. Also, be sure to remember to come up with a service that is easy to complete for $4 per gig, it all comes down to time management in order to maximize your returns.

After that, you just wait until a buyer orders your gig. But wait! You can do more than that. You can actually pay a certain fee to get your gig featured. Featured gigs benefit from appearing in a strategic place on the website so that buyers can easily spot them. Also, you have to be careful when picking the category for your gig. If you pick the wrong one, buyers surely won’t find your gig in the right place. You also have to pick a catchy title to grab the attention of buyers. In addition, as explained in the Video you can actively promote your gig on Social Websites like Facebook and Twitter (best return).

Another good way to attract buyers is having a verified account. You can verify your account by submitting identifaction documents. When you submit what is required, your profile will display a badge that boasts of your verification. Of course, the best way to get noticed by buyers is through providing high quality service that all buyers want. When all of your gigs are appreciated by your buyers, you stand higher chances of getting good ratings from buyers. The good ratings will appear on your profile for all Fourerr members to see. Furthermore, if you happen to sell a lot of services to a lot of satisfied customers, you could also become one of the Editor’s Picks. So provide quality.

Ultimately, selling more on Fourerr depends on the relationship you create with the buyers. A simple “thank you” when a buyer clicks the “order” button will go a long way. You can guarantee that the buyer will consider you the next time the same customer needs something done. Also, be sure to deliver the service on the date you agree with and to provide something extra. These two acts will show the buyer that you are reliable and are willing to go another mile. It is also very important for you to remember not to sell anything that you don’t own intellectually rights for, this is not prohibited.

Fourerr does not allow that. In a nutshell, you can make Fourerr your ally if you know the right things to do. Check out the Video for more information on How to make Use of Fourerr as a Seller.

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