Carmine, you are a Fourerr Top Buyer! Congratulations.

Carmine De Vincentiis

Carmine – aka palladyum

When we asked Carmine (aka palladyum) to answer a few interview questions because he is one of our Top Buyers on Fourerr, we had an immediate YES response within minutes of sending the e-mail.

Carmine is a Fourerr member since August 2011 and knows Fourerr very well. He has purchased many hundreds of gigs from several sellers and he is therefore best placed to answer a few questions. In addition to being very busy he is a teacher, interested in photography, music and informatics and is also a Fourerr Seller, a very busy man to say the least with a 100% Positive rating, incredible!

He is skilled in providing a smart cash system for EBay, he claims that he can boost your website to the first page on Google within 4 weeks and knows how to get the best quality links to improve your website’s ranking.

This is the Carmine’s story  … in his own words.

Fourerr: What type of business are you in? Can you describe? When did you start?

Carmine: I have several websites focused on Clickbank products and I started doing this 2 years ago.

Fourerr: What inspired you to start an online business? Was it the money?

Carmine: The goal was to arrange additional income, I’m a board teacher and my monthly way is limited. In addition I was really fascinated by SEO and wanted to become a professional.

Fourerr: Can you describe the most successful moment of your online business?

Carmine: When I succeeded to reach first page of Google with one site of mine, using Fourerr gigs, in just few weeks time. I was really thrilled by this.

Fourerr: How did you hear about Fourerr?

Carmine: I can’t remember exactly, but saw an advert online and decided to give it a try.

Fourerr: What type of services are you searching for on Fourerr?

Carmine: All the ones which provide boosting of sites on search engines. (I have a flow chart that I studied for a long time and but I can’t reveal it. Eventually, I can sell it.)

Fourerr: Can you tell us how often you use Fourerr and how successful this is for you?

Carmine: Very often. 90% are very useful but some sellers just don’t provide gig after payment and then this has to be cancelled. (I think they are too busy with other business)

Fourerr: Sorry to hear this, we are trying our best to suspend any gigs that are not getting delivered or delivered late. How do you deal with sellers on Fourerr? What is your experience?

Carmine: People are very cheerful to me, and I try to be the same as a buyer.

Fourerr: Can you give us a few tips how you have used Fourerr most successfully?

Carmine: Studying SEO very deeply, to realize a flow chart which is THE BEST to boost a site on Google’s first page and apply Fourerr gigs in this exact sequence.

Fourerr: Is there anything we can help you to improve you, your online business or your time on Fourerr?

Carmine: Yes, highlighting the sellers that I use mostly, who are the most reliable in providing the services(gigs)

Fourerr: Is there something personal you like to share with our audience?

Carmine: Fourerr provides VERY important gigs at ridiculous prices; please, study SEO deeply and take advantage of the gigs that you find on Fourerr at terribly competitive price!

This was our interview with Carmine, many thanks for taking the time to answer our questions and we hope that we can help you further in the future.

We will be looking to add a new feature so you too can see which seller is most valuable to you.

You too can contact Carmine (aka palladyum) here on Fourerr. Or you might want to visit him on his own website –

Here are a few of Carmine’s (palladyum) gigs on Fourerr.

I will provide smart system to cash$$$ on Ebay for $4

I will provide smart system to cash$$$ on Ebay for $4

I will boost your site to Google page 1 in 4 weeks, READ FIRST!!! for $4

I will boost your site to Google page 1 in 4 weeks, READ FIRST!!! for $4

I will Impressive Backlinks to Rank n1 in Google for $4

I will Impressive Backlinks to Rank n1 in Google for $4

If you are serious about your online business then check out the following resources that can help you as a seller and buyer:

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