Video: How to make use of Fourerr as a Buyer?


It’s no secret anymore that Fourerr is gaining popularity among micro entrepreneurs. This also means that the number of people who buy gigs from Fourerr is clearly on the rise. Well, why not? Fourerr is proving to be one of the best micro job sites out there. If you use Fourerr, you will surely find the people who can give you what you need. But before we talk about using Fourerr, let us first discuss what Fourerr actually is. Fourerr is a micro job site operated in the United Kingdom and hence you won’t have to worry about credibility of the site. It has been in business for more than two years now.

So, what makes Fourerr the place to buy services and products that you need? The simple and obvious answer: the price. Fourerr is the only $4 marketplace that exists. Any gig you buy on the site costs only $4. Four what? Yup, $4 is all you need to spend to get a task completed for you without any effort on your part. Four dollars is all you need to take some time off your shoulders to do other tasks that you enjoy more. Four dollars is all you need to get your hands on high quality content that you can even have made to suit your preferences and needs.

Why must you use Fourerr again? Buying gigs from the site costs 20% cheaper than when you purchase gigs from other micro job site, like Fiverr, where the lowest price for a gig is $5. How do you like the $1 or 20% savings? Additionally, Fourerr provides the quickest customer support. This means that you get to have your questions answered in no time at all. If you have any concerns, you can simply get in touch with the site and you will get the help that you need.

The following video explains exactly “How you can make use of Fourerr as a Buyer?”

What else make Fourerr an ideal micro job site to get the goods you need? The site offers a very straightforward buying process. There are no hidden fees and you don’t have to read any fine print (But feel free to read them -;). Every transaction is very easy to finish. Additionally, you get to pick from a wide array of high quality gigs created by sellers who intent on delivering what the buyers expect and deserve, if not delivered according to your needs then request for a mutual cancellation as explained in the video.

How does it all work? Basically, Fourerr is a site where sellers and buyers meet and match. If you are a buyer, you stand a high chance of finding a seller who will be willing to do the task you have in mind and have it delivered on a set time. What you need to do is find a gig and a seller that you like. You then have to place your order for the gig. Using PayPal or PayZa, you pay for the gig you want. Fourerr will keep the money safe for you when the seller is in the process of completing your order, you must track the seller’s progress by internal messaging. Then you wait to receive the finished gig. If you find something to be fixed, you can also inform that seller to make the necessary changes.

What can you buy on Fourerr? The gigs are limitless. You can find gigs that offer virtual assistant tasks, Twitter followers, Facebook likes, YouTube views, written articles, programming tasks, banners and graphics, brand and website promotion, social marketing, backlinking strategies, press releases, video creation, and wordpress installations. Aside from these standards gigs, you can also find gigs of the bizarre kind: a diet plan, a video of somebody singing “happy birthday” on Madison Avenue, somebody holding a sign of your company in the Seychelles, and an offer to interpret the meaning of your name.

How can you search for a micro job? You can search through the tags. You can also search in the title. Further, you can narrow your search by going to the category. You can also search for a gig in the description. But how do you ensure that the gig you order is of good quality? Simple! You can look at the ratings and the popularity of the sellers, find gigs offered by top sellers and even look through the Editor’s Pick. It is also a good idea to look at verified accounts and to find your way around the featured gigs and the highlighted gigs.

If you cannot view the video then here is the full transcript of the video. How to make use of Fourerr as a Buyer – Transcript.

If you have any further questions about the video or how can make use of Fourerr as a Buyer then do contact our helpdesk.


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