Hot Predictions for 2013 – and How Fourerr Can Help!

Happy New Year my Fourerr friends – I hope 2013 brings you plenty of good health, fortune and of course plenty of Fourerr success!

With the New Year comes a fresh new set of predictions from the many online business gurus out there, and if you are lucky, pay attention, and take action you will be able to profit from these business forecasts…

Prediction #1: Mobile Business Apps Will Gain Popularity

How Fourerr Can Help: In 2012 we saw more and more people on commuter trains working from their mobile devices such as laptops, notebooks, smartphones and tablets and this use of technology “on the move” hasn’t gone unnoticed.

According to IFS’s CEO Alistair Sorbie, we can expect the speed of business to pick up through the use of new business apps as transactions begin to be more easily accessible on the move and can therefore be dealt with more efficiently.

Mobile Business Apps

Mobile Business Apps Will Gain Popularity in 2013

Fourerr can help you make the most of your business this year – it is the ideal platform to buy and sell your apps or find people to help you market your products. With a huge member base of internet marketers and business owners, Fourerr can be a great place to promote and sell a mobile app that can help keep their company running…even during those tedious commutes!

Prediction #2: More Work for Content Advertisers

How Fourerr Can Help: Brainshark Inc’s Brendan Cournoyer foresees a further development in the role of content marketing and creation in the development of successful online business.

In 2012 we were becoming more aware of new forms of advertising such as creating content specifically for online audiences. Certainly, this concept is nothing new but we believe that it will develop even further over the coming year. The potential success of online marketing is becoming ever more popular and if you are a content marketer, you may well profit from its growing success this year.


Use Fourerr to reach out to fellow marketers and bring together a team – a workforce of talented marketing individuals to increase profit and get a larger client base. Or you can use Fourerr to actively seek those who may need your help creating content using our ‘Gig Wants’ feature.

Prediction #3: Further Use of Video in Marketing Campaigns

How Fourerr Can Help: As you may have read in our Responding with a Video: Top 4 Methods to Boost Traffic blog post, videos are a great way of promoting your business online. Not only does the video itself generate interest, but discussions, interactions and loyal followers mean that you can gain success online.

Video was highly invested in last year, and with over 4 billion hits per day, YouTube is a great place to invest time and money in developing any kind of business.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Fourerr has over 1000 video related results for those who want to make the most of video in your marketing strategies. Making videos compatible for mobile devices also means you can reach out to consumers on the go too!

Prediction #4: Small Businesses Will Outsource More Tasks

How Fourerr Can Help: Outsourcing isn’t just for big businesses that have large budgets to pay people to do things for them. Outsourcing can be for everyone!

Particularly in 2013 we expect to see a big rise in small businesses profiting from outsourcing work. If you own a small business, Fourerr is a great platform to start from – as Emma Jones on Enterprise Nation says: “ [Small business owners] will focus on what they do best and outsource the rest.”

Outsourcing - Networking and Teamwork

Small Businesses Will Outsource More Tasks

Use Fourerr to hunt down sellers that can help with your outsourced projects and save yourself time and money this year.

Prediction #5: The Internet Will Take on a Bigger Role in Daily Life

How Fourerr Can Help: Is it even possible for the internet to get even bigger? We think so! People are carrying internet ready devices in their pockets and bags so it’s even more accessible than before.

Social networking, online shopping, further browsing and even more use of apps is pretty much the standard set for 2013 where most people won’t go through the day without being affected by some form of digital advertising.

Exponential growth on the Internet in 2013

2013 is the year of technology and the web – make the most of it and use Fourerr to find video content creators, programmers, web designers, SEO experts and much more to help you get your work done effectively and efficiently and you are sure to have a successful 2013!

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Can you predict what 2013 has to bring for you? If so then I dare you to leave your predictions here in the comments!

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