Tutorial: How to Submit Your Fourerr Gigs Automatically to Twitter and Facebook?

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites today. Because of this, any business-minded person can use this site as the venue for advertising products and services. Using carefully worded and interesting tweets, these small business owners can draw the attention of people who may be interested in what they offer.

Well, what do you know? Individuals who are into providing micro-jobs to people through the popular online marketplace, Fourerr, can also use Twitter to inform others about their gigs. Say what? Yes, there is a way to do that, without any need to manipulate the site each time you have a new gig.

So, are you interested to know how to submit your Fourerr gigs automatically to Twitter? Here’s how!

Check out the following video which explains how you can submit your Fourerr Gigs, automatically to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn within seconds:

Basically, the quickest way to post your new Fourerr gigs on Twitter is to use the Twitter RSS (really simple syndication or rich site summary) feed. What is an RSS feed? Simply put, it is a format that delivers regularly changing content on the web. It is this feed that lets Twitter users receive a steady stream of new content once they are logged into the site.

How do you take advantage of the Twitter feed? The first step is to create an account in Twitter feed. You need to go to Once you have signed up, the second step is to click on “create new feed” to add “feed”. This is easy to do.

Your RSS Feed can be found on:

This will allow you to add your Fourerr feed to your Twitter feed.

What this means is every time you post a new gig on Fourerr, the customer support of Fourerr approves your gig. Once the go-signal is given, your new gig will appear on the Fourerr RSS feed as well as on your Twitter feed.

How convenient is that?

Want to see just the PowerPoint Presentation?

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Click Here to Download the Transcript for this session – How to submit your Fourerr Gigs to Twitter and Facebook (PDF)

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