Sellers: Find out what your buyers want!

You will have noticed some recent changes on Fourerr and we have a feature both sellers and buyers can benefit from – our Gig Wants! A new feature that is similar to the ‘Suggestions’, you can now actively search for the types of gigs buyers want and offer up your products or services.

How to Find Gig Wants

On the homepage, scroll down past the Categories on the right hand side and under the green button that says ‘ADD GIG’, you will see the Gig Wants box:


How to Use Gig Wants

There are two ways to search the Gig Wants:

Recent Wants


If you sell Facebook assistance for example you can type ‘Facebook’ into the search bar and go through the results to find jobs you can help with


You can then click on the ‘Bid Now!’ button to offer your services to the buyer. The buyer can then accept your bid, and you can start working!

The ‘Bid Now!’ button isn’t just about money – bidding is about proving to your potential buyer that you are right for the job. Tell them about your experiences and make sure your reliability, ratings and feedback from other buyers stay positive so that you can show how good a seller you are!

As always, keep working hard to boost your ratings and use Fourerr to help you out whether you are using the site to make money, save money, develop your business or tickle your sense of humour!

Click on the Recent Wants and you will be directed to a list of gigs that buyers are searching for like this:


You can either search what you’re looking for in the “I Want” box or scroll down and bid on the gigs to get earning money fast!

Wants Keyword Search

With a quick search, you can type a keyword so that you can find buyers quicker. For example, if you offer writing services, you could write ‘articles’, ‘writing’ or ‘content’ into the Search Wants box and then get the results instantly.


If you are not yet a member of Fourerr then Sign Up right now – or otherwise Create you first Want now, it just makes sense!

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