It’s time for … Happy Thanksgiving!

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, don’t you think it’s time to stop and think about all the things you are thankful for? Well, to show how grateful you are, why don’t do you something nice for the other people on Fourerr?

Yes, Thanksgiving Day is the perfect day to do that. Basically, this holiday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. Although Thanksgiving technically falls on a Thursday each year, the celebrations can extend well into the weekend.

Historically, the first Thanksgiving Day was celebrated way back in 1863 when the Pilgrims of Plymouth colony thanked God for providing enough food for the pilgrims and the Native Americans who had to endure and survived a bitter winter in New England. It was Abraham Lincoln who made Thanksgiving Day a national holiday. Today, the holiday is a popular holiday for families and friends who gather at the dinner table to share sumptuous meals with turkey, side dishes, and some good old pies.

So, this day being the day for giving thanks for bountiful blessings, maybe you can go out of your way to thank others for something that they have done for you. Here’s how:

Offer to do something for charity

A tangible and meaningful way to show your thankfulness for the good things in your life is to do a nice thing for somebody else. Yes, offering to make greeting cards or paint your own masterpieces for $4 and then giving the proceeds to your chosen charity is one way to go about it. Not only will the chosen organization thank you for it, your buyer will also appreciate the fact that he or she was able to contribute something for a good cause. And guess what? You can also get a thank you in return!

Share your skill with others

Gratitude does not only entail actually saying the words “thank you”. Simple acts of kindness and helpfulness actually amount to so much more when it comes to giving thanks. Thus, when you offer your skills and talents on Fourerr, you are actually thanking a higher power for what you have or what you can do. So, even though you gain something from helping others finish their tasks or complete a job that they need to finish, the fact that you are offering your services at a cheap price is laudable.

What is Thanksgiving without turkey? As such, you can offer your buyers the rare chance to use your grandmother’s well-guarded roast-turkey-and-side-dish recipes. The help you can extend to someone who is not that skilled in the kitchen will surely be appreciated.

Additionally, you can offer to teach others how create Thanksgiving-related crafts that the youngest to the oldest members of the family can enjoy.

The small things that you can do for others speak loudly of the gratefulness that you feel inside. So, go ahead, thank someone and bask in the glow of the feeling that being grateful can give!

And this is from all of us here at Fourerr …

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