Responding with a Video: Top 4 Methods to Boost Traffic

Video sharing sites such as YouTube or on blogs that use videos is a great way of generating traffic. On YouTube there are over 800 million visitors every month, with 70% of that traffic coming from the US.

Responding with and to a video is a great way of generating traffic and boosting credibility and ratings – here’s how to do it:

Spark a Discussion

Once you have posted a video on YouTube, link it back to your site and feel free to let people comment on it. Spark discussions about the content, about related subjects or just simply thank people for coming to view your video – interaction is a great way of building links with the online community.

Self Promotion

Posting a video isn’t enough you need to advertise and promote it as much as you can to try and boost your views and ratings. You’re not allowed to post your video URL to other clips on YouTube, but there’s nothing to stop you doing it on Facebook and Twitter!

Gain Clients, Friends and Followers

When you’re promoting your business, brand or a product or service you want to sell, you will undoubtedly get interested parties that want to know more. By replying to questions or asking them yourself to other video viewers, you can draw people back to your site and to your clip again and again.

Create Great Video Content

Don’t own the video skills needed for making a professional looking YouTube clip? Wouldn’t even know how to turn on a video camera? Leave it to the pros!

Once of the most important methods of generating traffic via a YouTube video is to create a great clip, but if you don’t know how to do it, outsourcing the project to someone who knows what they’re doing is a great idea.

Right here on Fourerr there are many creative, professional video artists ready to take your order. If alternatively, you have the skills to make a video and want to help someone, just post a video gig under the “Video” category and start making some money.

Here are some important things to remember when you are creating your (hopefully very successful) video clip:

  • Keep it Short – the most popular videos on YouTube are mainly less than 1 minute in length. If you can get your point across in a shorter amount of time than that, you will automatically be more appealing to your fast-paced internet users.
  • Funny or Witty – YouTube users love a bit of humour. Find funny ways of putting your point across and you may even bring back viewers over and over again.
  • Edgy – Not everything needs to be hilarious, but if you want to post something edgy, though provoking or artistic, this is also likely to get a great response from your target audience.
  • Leave them in Suspense – Not always a necessary technique, but if you are planning on making a series of videos, make sure they can all interlink and leave a cliff hanger at the end of each one. This way, they’ll come back for more!

Are you in need of a good Video? Search our list of Video Creation services and if you can’t find a good service then take action and put yourself out there and suggest a Video Creation service by placing a Bid Want on Fourerr.

Share below in the comments one of the video’s you have created as a response to a Video.

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