Top 5 Reasons to Buy Twitter Followers

Selling twitter followers is one of the most popular gig ideas on Fourerr and many other micro job sites. With the popularity of using social media and various sites to advertise blogs and websites and help with generating traffic, it is no wonder that these gigs do so well.

Reason #1: Cheap

For buyers of Twitter followers, Fourerr has a great advantage – it’s cheap! Although you can quite easily sign into freelancing sites and ask for bids from social media experts, you will more than likely end up paying over the odds for a given number of followers. Even other micro job sites may offer these services for a fiver. So why buy from Fourerr? It’s obvious – you only have to pay $4!

Reason #2: Boost Google Rankings

Followers on Twitter or fans on Facebook are quickly becoming a great method of boosting your search engine rankings. Not only will more Twitter followers rank you higher in Google and other search engines, the interactions you have within tweets will create links which will also boost your popularity.

Reason #3: Improves Status

Social media followers are the people that will help you gain popularity. When you have a large amount of followers, your credibility as an internet presence instantly goes up. A large following usually means that you have something worthwhile to say and that people recognise this – buying followers is a great way of getting people jumping on the band wagon and following you!

Reason #4: Reach Out to More People

A small pool of friends that follow you are great for personal relationships, but when it comes to internet marketing, using Twitter followers to reach out to a wider audience is a great tool. Through the method of re-tweeting, you’ll be able to gain even more followers.

Reason #5: Save Yourself Time

Self promotion can be time consuming and often exhausting. This is why buying a gig which offers Twitter followers can save you time. Rather than spending hours trying to boost your followers, a gig that sells this type of service means you can work on other methods of advertising your brand.

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