London 2012 – Going For Gold!

What an exciting summer of sport we are having! With some enthralling games of football during the Euros, some great grand slams at Wimbledon and now with the Olympics and Paralympics imminent, we are undoubtedly in for some great sporting achievements over the coming weeks…

With so many athletes and sports personalities reaching the peaks of their sporting careers and reaching their goals, it got me thinking about Fourerr and how hard each of us tries to work hard and reach our goal of becoming the “ultimate freelancer”.

So what we need to do is think of our Fourerr selling experience as running in the Olympics – you can’t just go into it – a lot of preparation and effort is involved, but with hard work and determination you will soon be standing on the podium receiving your medal! Those latest features and changes on Fourerr will give you head start.

1) Ready…

Think of the first stage as your athletic training; you need to prepare yourself for your work. Fourerr is a great place to display, showcase and profit from your talents, but it is only worthwhile if you are willing to put in a bit of time creating a great profile and some gigs that others will love. Don’t make silly mistakes on your profile, and don’t assume that you won’t do well – a negative attitude has never been the key to success!

2) Set…

Treat every sale of a gig with respect – without these sales, you wouldn’t be getting anywhere. Thank the buyers that purchase your gigs – this takes literally seconds to do, and could be the difference between a buyer returning to you to make further purchases or the buyer going elsewhere. Have a look at a previous post where we highlighted 5 things you must do after receiving an order.

3) Go!

Seek out your buyers, if they are looking for a job similar to yours in the “Request Gigs” box, then offer up your services by sending them a message. Tell your friends and family about your gig on Fourerr and get your name out there as an online seller, and of course, use social networking sites to reach out to larger numbers of people. By making the effort to promote yourself, you are giving your gig a much higher chance of being noticed by a wider audience, therefore increasing your chances of making sales and really establishing yourself online as a freelancer – i.e. getting the gold!

OK, so I may have gone a little over the top with the Olympics/athletics/racing metaphors in this post, but the message is still there:


 Usain Bolt

And….just to put a smile on your face (why not eh?) here are some of my favourite sporting puns to really get you in the Olympics kind of mood…:

  • I used to have a fear of hurdles, but I got over it.
  • If intervening was an Olympic sport, he’d win the gold meddle.
  • Some people go into martial arts just for kicks.
  • I shouted so loud at the races, I’m now a hoarse whisperer.
  • That gymnast was always bending over backwards for people.

Fourerr - Olympic Games Logo

Let us know if you know of any other famous quotes? Just leave a message here.

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