Micro Entrepreneurs making hundreds of dollars on Fourerr

The dictionary defines an entrepreneur as “a person who organises and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk”. A micro entrepreneur is a new take on the entrepreneurial lifestyle – no longer do we have to think of BIG business plans to make BIG money; instead we have the magic of the micro job site to help us reach our goals.

A micro job site such as Fourerr is simply an online platform for people to buy and sell small jobs known as ‘gigs’. These gigs cover a whole range of categories, and each gig can be purchased for a small amount of money (i.e. just $4).

Micro entrepreneurs are a new breed of business developers. Rather than making their money at high costs, the mind set is completely different – sell lots of small things for smaller amounts of money, which will ultimately accumulate to a larger income.

How Can the Micro Entrepreneurs Out There Benefit Me?

Save Time – Small tasks take time and one of the great benefits of using Fourerr is that it can save you loads of time by getting someone else to do the tasks you simply don’t have time to do! Whether it is proofreading, completing data entry tasks, help with programming or just general assistance with developing your business, Fourerr holds sellers ready to do the small tasks for you so you can focus on the ‘big stuff’!

Save Money – Fourerr is one of the cheapest gig marketplaces online and with gigs at just $4 which elsewhere you would often pay ten times that amount, you can get the same quality of work.

Help Reduce the Workload – Using Fourerr, you can actually think about hiring a virtual assistant to use on a regular basis. Once you have found a seller you like that you know delivers a top quality service, you can go back to them again and again and order multiple gigs, overall saving you time, money and also saving you from the stress of too heavy a workload!

Why Become a Micro Entrepreneur?

Make Money – $4 doesn’t sound like a lot but once you have been on Fourerr for a while, even 100 sales of $4 makes you $400…and that doesn’t sound too bad does it? But with the new changes introduced lately on Fourerr, this process can be multiplied quicker without further interaction and you can earn true passive income.

Find New Clients – Developing a network of people to work for and with is a great thing about working on Fourerr. Rather than hunting around on a number of freelancing sites, Fourerr allows you to create business connections with people that are interested in the services that you have to offer.

Find People to Work for YOU – Although you yourself may be making money by selling your services online, you can also use Fourerr to

Reduce Financial Strain – Even if you don’t make your millions on Fourerr, the money that you do earn from your gig sales can certainly help you out. A monthly Fourerr income can help you with your rent, food or utility bills, and help reducing the financial strain can’t be bad can it?

With new clients, a solid income and more business connections, being a micro entrepreneur using Fourerr is the best way of moving forward in your adventure to become truly successful.

How has Fourerr helped you? Do you have any micro-entrepreneurial tips you want to share with the Fourerr blog readers?

Just leave a comment!

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