Exciting New Changes on Fourerr!

We at Fourerr are constantly making changes to our site to make buying and selling a much easier and more pleasant experience. Our latest changes can benefit both buyers and sellers and will ultimately make Fourerr much easier to use.

1) Instant Gigs

In order to make your gigs more streamlined, we are offering a new service called “Instant Gigs”. What this basically means is that buyers can find and buy a gig and receive it instantly. This also means that sellers don’t need to sign in to Fourerr every time they get an order. These instant access gigs are maintained and hosted by Fourerr and are ideal for the delivery of electronic goods (zip/rar files) and also require no interaction from the seller.

2) Extra Gigs

In addition to the gigs that sellers offer, you can now also include “Extras” for your gig. Sellers now have the chance to include additional items in their gigs.

For example you may offer a web content writing service. In addition, you might choose to offer an extra such as “I Will Provide a High Quality Image for $10 (extra)” or “I Will Complete your Gig in 24 hours for $5” (extra).

It is a great opportunity for sellers to make a little extra money per gig and also gives buyers the chance to see what extras are available to them that might help enhance their purchase.

3) Multiple Gigs

Instead of just buying one order of the same gig, Multiple Gigs allow you to buy more than one at once. This is great for getting multiple images edited, more than one text document proofread, or for ordering a selection of the same gift for a special occasion.


We are introducing an enhanced version of the Ratings Bar and the Gig Statistics bar.

Ratings Bar

This means that when a buyer comes to your gig profile page, they will easily be able to see your ratings. This will include Positive Reviews, Negative Reviews and will also display the number of people who have “Liked” your gig:

This also means that buyers can narrow down the sellers they want to buy a gig from – if you have great ratings, you will be the obvious choice!

Gig Statistics Bar

When a buyer visits a seller’s profile page, they want to know about the quality of service they are going to receive, and also how long it will take for the gig to be delivered. The Gig Statistics bar will clearly show your Username, Rating, Country, Estimated Delivery Time, Gig Rating, and how many orders are in the queue:

This allows buyers to see at a quick glance whether your gig is right for them!

With these great new changes, Fourerr will be one of the easiest gig marketplaces currently online. Want to share your Fourerr experience with us?

Leave a comment at the end of this post and share the love!

4 Comments on Exciting New Changes on Fourerr!

  1. There is no way to know if a buyer bought/added Gig Extras. No indication/note whatsoever on the order page saying that the buyer added Gig Extras. The only way to check if a buyer added/bought Gig Extras in by checking the Revenue section and see if the order revenue is more than $3.20.

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