Hip, Hip Hooray for Father’s Day!

Mothers Day is such as big deal across the world, that sadly, Fathers Day doesn’t often get a look in! But fathers are just as precious and many people realise every Fathers Day that they haven’t shown their appreciation to their dad throughout the year as they should have. Well there are no excuses on the Sunday 17th June. It’s Fathers Day and Fourerr is here to help you show your dad the love he deserves!

Give the gift of Time

Give the gift of Time

Being a dad is a tough job and one that can be very time consuming. This Fathers Day why not thank him by giving your dad the gift of time? “How do I do that?” I hear you ask…Well, all you need to do is have a good little hunt around on Fourerr. There are plenty of virtual assistants, schedulers, programmers and writers ready and waiting to help you out. If you want to lighten your dad’s work load by simply getting a few jobs done online by some of our Fourerr sellers, order a few gigs and give your father the time he needs to relax!

Shower him with presents!

Formule 1 present

Fourerr sellers are always offering gifts. Whether you are looking for a little inspiration or just want to get him lots of little $4 gifts then have a search through the ‘Gift Ideas’ category and you can start buying collages of photographs, Fathers Day themed greeting videos, customised cards, and even get portraits painted to show that you care. Not only will you be able to get something a little different, you will also be supporting your fellow Fourerr buyers and sellers!

Say it with a song or poem

Not the emotional type? You can always buy some sweet video or audio files or buy gigs that offer sentimental poems to say what you can’t in real life. Show that you care with a ballad or make your dad weep happy tears as he reads poems dedicated especially for him!

Make him laugh!

From girls that shake their booties with messages on their waists, to sellers that draw personalised Simpsons characters of you or your family, you can make your dad giggle this Father Day! If your dad likes funny pictures, you can always get image editors to ‘cartoonise’ a great picture to put a smile on his face.

Whatever you opt for this Fathers Day, make sure that the sentiment is there and you show your appreciation for your dad. Fourerr can give you the inspiration that you need and great prices for you to get more for your money!

Let us know if you have been spoiled on Father’s day or what you have been up to? Did you laugh? Did you get lovely presents? Did you spent your time with your loved ones?

Come on tell us in the feedback area here!

Have  a great day with your family!

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