5 Things you Must do after Receiving a Gig Order

Receiving an order, whether it is your 1st or 100th, is a big deal – every $4 is precious and can help you pay those bills. So if you want to guarantee a successful transaction, just follow these 5 simple steps.

1) Fully Understand the Task

Let’s say you are offering data entry as your gig. Data entry is a simple task, but may need to be done in a specific way. Rather than do the job and send it back to the buyer with uncertainty, ask the buyer before you start the job for clarification. Similarly, if you are offering image editing gigs, you might want to establish what your buyer wants before you get to work. It’ll save you time and it’ll mean you get great feedback every time!

2) Work Hard

Your gig may take you seconds to put together, or it might take half an hour. Regardless of the time you spend, make sure that the quality of your delivery is of the highest standard. Each gig order should be treated with equal attention to detail. Doing research for the article you are writing/ delivering a video without errors/ giving reliable advice about backlinking is all part and parcel of delivering a high quality gig.

3) Check Thoroughly

Buyers come to Fourerr to get great value gigs for low prices, so you want to be able to offer them something that they can’t get elsewhere, and at a fraction of the price! This means ensuring files, documents, and software that you send to your buyer is working. Proofread documents you write, double check your data entries, and make sure that you have reached your buyer’s requirements and they are sure to come back for more.

Thank you for shopping at Fourerr

Thank you for placing an order

4) Thank your Buyer

A “thank you” can go a long way, and the difference between thanking your buyer and not thanking them can be the difference between getting a repeat gig order or not. Repeat orders make some sellers the most of their money, and when a buyer has found a reliable and friendly seller to outsource work to, they will keep coming back for the same high quality and courteous service. Even if your gig is in high demand and you think that writing personalised messages takes up too much of your valued time, then be prepared to say “bye-bye” to that buyer – they will go elsewhere to find someone who is grateful for their custom. Similarly, a public acknowledgment of good feedback is a great way of showing potential buyers how professional and friendly you are.

5) Send a Follow-Up Message

Don’t just forget about your buyers. They are important to you for generating income and they may need your help somewhere down the line. Remind them about the quality of work that you delivered for them by sending them a friendly “reminder” message to show you are willing to work for them again. It will show your professional attitude towards your work and buyers will appreciate your initiative to contact them.

If you are doing other things which you feel helps you on increasing your sales then do leave a comment here.

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