How are you celebrating St Patrick’s Day?

March 17th marks the traditional Irish day of celebration, so whether you are Irish or not, why not celebrate with a few pints of Guinness, an Irish stew and do the Irish jig to some fantastically upbeat music? No matter where you are in the world, there are a variety of ways to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, so let Fourerr help you plan your day and celebrate in style!


Did You Know?

  • St Patrick was the patron saint of Ireland that came to the country to introduce Christianity and push out paganism.
  • St Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17th as this is the alleged date of Saint Patrick’s death.
  • The ‘shamrock’ (a symbol associated a lot with St Patrick’s Day) was originally what St Patrick used to describe the Holy Trinity (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit). It is also what makes the wearing of green such a huge theme on this day.
  • St Patrick’s Day has been celebrated for centuries, but has only been an official holiday since 1976.

Food – If you want to set up some new gigs on Fourerr with relevant seasonal themes, then why not use your cookery skills and recipe-creating skills to do so? Begin by thinking about what you are good at – perhaps you are a cake baking expert, or specialise in cookery tips for traditional dishes. Whatever your talent, you can help out the Fourerr community on March 17th.

Offer gigs which inspire and get your taste buds tingling – and above all, think “green”! You may offer a couple of simple step by step guides about how to make cakes, cookies, muffins, or traditional Irish stews. Sharing your own recipes for just $4 is a great way of making some money, and also sharing your recipe expertise with the Fourerr gang!

Drink – In recent years, there has been a much heavier emphasis on the consumption of alcohol on St Patrick’s Day, and everyone is entitled to having a little fun; just make sure you don’t overdo it! If you consider yourself a drinks expert, perhaps put together a little drinks recipe book including all your favourite green themed drinks – cocktails such as the Grasshopper, or green beers and of course Guinness will all go down a treat on the day. Perhaps even suggest some nibbles that will complement the drinks.

Entertainment – It is at this time of year that people all over the globe will be throwing St Patrick’s Day parties. Why not become a party planner for a day? Write a “How To” guide which includes recipes, drinks, decorations and all kinds of entertainment that people might want to use to make their Paddy’s Day party the best there has ever been!

Let your buyers know that your “How To” guide will give them popular food and drinks recipes, fancy dress ideas, locations, different party themes, activities and games to do etc. The important thing to remember is to offer more so that your gig appears good value for money.

Have a great St Patrick’s Day everyone!”

PS: Let us know what you are getting up to on St-Patricks Day? Just leave a comment on this blog …

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