Sellers: Managing your Workload over Christmas


We all know that Christmas is a joyful time of year, but it can also be a busy one too. At this hectic time of year, we need to ensure that we stay organised and don’t start ‘winding down’ i.e. slowing our workload down before we need to. Slowing down your work will just mean that buyers will be disappointed with your slow delivery and it also means that you will have more to do in the New Year.

To make sure that your buyers still find you a reliable worker, all you need to do is be realistic about the amount of work you can handle over the Christmas period and how long each gig will take you to complete.

Merry Christmas to all our Members.

If you have created a few creative festive gigs (see previous blog post), don’t say you will deliver within 1 day if you really can’t – a buyer will be happier if you offer a more manageable deadline and can deliver on time.

If you have many ‘repeat buyers’ who have bought gigs from you on more than one occasion or just regularly buy your gigs, then try to notify them that your delivery time may slow down over the Christmas holidays. Buyers will appreciate that you took the time to tell them.

Suspending your gigs over the Christmas holidays might seem like a good idea, or if you think you can manage the occasional gig here and there between Christmas and New Year, and then maybe just extend your delivery dates.

Sending a polite message along the lines of “Dear ___, This is just a quick message to inform you that I will not be working between ___th and ___st December…” Always remember to thank them for being a loyal buyer, thank them for buying your gigs in the past, and above all – wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  A friendly, personal and informative message can go a long way.

If you freelance on Fourerr for some extra part time work, then try and get a schedule organised in the run up to Christmas too, for example:


Date Morning Afternoon Evening
Tuesday 20th Dec Christmas Shopping Fourerr Work Relax
Wednesday 21st Dec Other Work Relax Fourerr Work
Thursday 22nd Dec Fourerr Work Other Work Other Work and Fourerr Work
Friday 23rd Dec Christmas Shopping/Wrap Presents! Fourerr Work Other Work


And so on…!

By keeping up to date with your workload and prioritising certain pieces of work, you should reduce the massive stressful aura that tends to always hang over Christmas. Time management is key, and if you can master it, you will have the best holidays ever.



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