Be Creative with your Christmas Gigs!

As well as our usual categories such as Music and Audio, Programming, Business and Graphics, we also have a fabulous new category for you to promote your festive gigs: Christmas Gigs 2011.

Have you struggled with sales throughout the year or just want to make a little extra cash to help with buying your Christmas presents?

Christmas is a time of festive fun, where building snowmen, sledding, cooking Christmas puddings, wrappings presents and being in an overall cheerful mood are at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Taking this into consideration, think about what you can offer the Fourerr community that might make the festive holidays easier or more fun.

Santa Sleigh Christmas is a great time for promoting, so if you are offering your services on Fourerr as an advertising or web design expert, think about how your services might be able to benefit people as Christmas approaches. Offering Christmas holiday discounts is a great way to draw in more buyers, or offering with a slightly festive theme could really appeal to lots of people out there.

Are you a musician wondering how to put your skills to use at Christmas? Offer gigs that have you singing Christmas songs, or maybe even provide backing tracks for amateur dramatic companies. Traditional pantomime performances will always need a little help with music, so get arranging, composing and performing and you will soon see the money come rolling in!

Are you an actor thinking about how to spread the Christmas joy? What better way to touch the hearts of kids around the world than to send them a personalised message acting as Santa? Parents and children alike will love the creativity of this gig, and knowing that you are making a child’s Christmas a little more special is even more satisfying.

Are you an artist who wants to think of ways to use your skills in a festive way? How about designing some Christmas cards for buyers on Fourerr? Christmas card shopping can be a bit of a chore for most people, so by designing some beautifully crafted and fantastically personal cards, buyers can send our totally unique designs to their loved ones.

Buyers – this is a time for you to perhaps show your appreciation of the work that someone has done for you over the past year.  A small Christmas bonus for a seller is a great way to show that you appreciate how hard they work for you and means that you will also be their favourite client!

Get your thinking caps (or Santa hats!) on and start creating gigs – if there was ever a time of year to begin to offer more, this is it!

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