We Wish You Every Success at Fourerr!

Every now and then comes along someone to inspire us, or an anecdote to motivate our need to carry on. Well, today it comes in the form of Tom Mola, a self confessed internet enthusiast and football fan.

Since joining Fourerr about a year ago, Tom has gone from success to success on the site and has had over 400 gigs sold so far or pocketed more then $1600, and that number is still growing. Now, that’s a lot of gigs, so you are probably wondering how he got started on Fourerr. Well the answer he gave us was an easy one: “In a Google search!”

Choafa's Balance on Fourerr

How’s that for simplicity? Tom has done an excellent job of narrowing down potential buyers needs and provides them with what they want at the fantastic price of just $4. His gigs offer products, books, software and plugins to name but a few.

Tom has even cleverly targeted people like all of us on Fourerr- people that want to make money!

Tom's secret key to success

So what’s Tom’s secret? Well, to increase his chances of making sales he has many gigs available on Fourerr – most of them about how to make money online. He also offers the Fourerr community various IM (Internet Marketing) products and WordPress plugins, different types of software and a great range of eBooks.

With Tom’s background in selling IM products/eBooks etc, his ever growing success online makes him one of the lucky ones, but it’s not all down to luck – he works hard and offers buyers exactly what they want and it means that he can work online as a full time career, therefore making him totally focused on his online work.

So there is a lesson to be learnt here – if you truly want to be successful online and make as much money as you possibly can on Fourerr, you need to offer great value for money and offer as much help as you can to potential buyers. You should find that the more gigs you offer, the more likely people are to buy them and, just like Tom, you will soon have a great online business for yourself!

Here are two of Choafa (Tom’s) gigs.

$100 Adwords Vouchers Unlimited Instant 1500% ROI video inside for $4″]

I will show you how to Never Pay Google Again

I will give you auto traffic system x software plus turturials and bonuses for $4

2 Comments on We Wish You Every Success at Fourerr!

  1. Is it true?? i m a Michael Jackson impersonator and i have a gig “dancing like MICHAEL JACKSON” which is surely to be UNIQUE. Do i have a chance?

    • Hello,

      Absolutely you have the chance. If you could make it attractive so another business (maybe Fourerr ;-)) could use it then I think you might have a great hit selling this type of gig.

      Welcome on board


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