Remember, Remember the Fifth of November… Bonfire Night!

So Fourerr says ‘goodbye’ to Halloween and a big ‘hello’ to Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes or Fireworks Night. Although this day is steeped in history, it is at this time of year in Britain that people around the country gather to watch various fireworks displays. These displays, both public and private are so popular  that it has got me thinking – can our gigs have the same impact as that of the ‘BANG!’ of a firework?

It starts with a spark…

It starts with a spark... The spark travels down the fuse...

So what is the ‘spark’ when it comes to selling gigs? Well, it is the buzz you create around that particular gig. Whether you are selling something creative or something business related, you need to let people know that you are there to offer our services.

Talk to your friends face to face or tell your friends, family, and colleagues about your gig by advertising it on social networks. Whatever you do to create an awareness of your gig, you are bound to increase sales.

The spark travels down the fuse…

Once the ‘spark’ ignites someone’s interest in your gig, it is then up to you to deliver great quality work every time to let the process continue. Creating the initial interest in your gig is no good if you can’t follow through with it, so make sure you are offering high quality gigs and a friendly and reliable service.

Also try to think what you can offer buyers that others might not be able to. For example this could be a quicker turnaround than other sellers, or perhaps more value for money, or maybe even unique skills or talents. Whatever it is, make sure our buyers know why you are the best at what you do and why they should buy your gig again and again.


Bang ... dollars in your pocket

Bang ... dollars in your pocket

So you’ve advertised your gig, people know who you are and you’ve got sales coming in: This is the ‘BANG!’ you have been waiting for. Once sales start coming in and you are producing the best quality gigs that you can, you will be making a steady flow of money. It’s all about consistency – if you keep delivering excellent quality work and you are an easy seller to communicate with (fast and friendly replies can win anyone over!) then you are guaranteed to do well on Fourerr.

So keep those sparks flying and make sure your gig has an impact on Fourerr – be as creative as you like with your gigs because you never know, someone out there may want to buy it. With all those sparks surrounding your gigs, there is surely soon to be a fantastic culmination and flurry of gig orders that create the ultimate firework display you have been searching for!

Happy Selling!

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