Top 5 Secrets for Buyers on Fourerr

If you class yourself as a ‘buyer’ you have obviously come to Fourerr in the search of something. Whether it is inspiration for gift ideas, help with outsourcing your work or simply just to see what’s out there, Fourerr is here to help and introduce you to some of the best and most creative gigs you will ever come across. To make the most out of your Fourerr experience (and it truly is an experience!) here are some little known secrets about the best way to spend your $4.

Successfully buying on Fourerr - Top Tips.

1. Use the categories to help with Searches

The categories listed on the right hand side of the page are not just there for people to see the range of gigs available. These categories are also for you to help you decide what you want. Have you come to Fourerr to look for someone to help promote your business? Do you want to generate traffic for your website? Are you looking for someone to compose a jingle for an online advert you have just created? The categories are there to make your browsing experience a whole lot easier!

2. Find a Good Seller by viewing their Rating

Top ratings mean that a seller is producing good quality gigs and making lots of people happy – and if they are offering something that you want, even better! Make the most of the rating system. To find the top rated gigs on Fourerr, just go to the homepage and click ‘Filter by Rating’ you will soon have in front of you all the gigs that other buyers have used and would recommend.

3. Use the ‘Suggest Gigs’ Box

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the ‘Suggest Gigs’ box is one of the most underrated tools on Fourerr. As a buyer it is the best way of finding what you are looking for, in fact it is like placing a free advertisement (something you don’t usually get online!) By typing in what you need from Fourerr’s sellers, you are giving them the opportunity to come to you instead of you searching for them, thus saving yourself a lot of time and effort! Once people have contacted you, it is then up to you to narrow it down to candidates you think will produce the best gigs.

4. Don’t ignore Sellers with no Feedback

Everyone needs to start somewhere, so don’t ignore gigs from sellers that look like they have little or no feedback – they might just be an undiscovered talent. If they are offering exactly what you are looking for, why not give them a go and see if they live up to their promises and deliver a quality gig? If not, you’ve only lost $4.

5. You’ve got to spend money to make money!

Continuing with the idea of not ignoring sellers with no feedback, you also need to remember that some gigs might offer the world – beware of gigs that seem to offer too much, every now and then these can turn out to be fake gigs (sadly it happens). However, if you are looking for someone to do some data entry for you, why not try 5 possible candidates at once, order each of their gigs and find out who does it the best? It is this style of ‘audition’ process that makes it easier for you to pick the quality gigs from the poor gigs. Sure, you may have to spend $20 trying to find that perfect freelancer, but ultimately at the end you will have yourself a quality worker.

3 Comments on Top 5 Secrets for Buyers on Fourerr

  1. I would like to understand why my gigs status is saying that “late delivery”, I have answer to buyers and gave them the needed link. Is this because buyers did not gave me any feedback ???? As I’m a new Fourerr sellers there is some tips and technics for the better use of this website.

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