Life is too Serious – Let’s Have a Laugh!

It’s no secret that Fourerr is packed with some very odd gigs; from tips on how to get rid of bad breath to someone offering to be your husband on Facebook for a month. However, it is this variety that keeps us going and makes Fourerr a great marketplace. After all, what is life without a little laughter?

If you have a great talent of being able to make people laugh, why not sell it on Fourerr and make yourself some money at the same time? It sounds like the perfect job to me!

Zachary’s gig

Ever been in a banter war with your friends and you have run out of things to say? Well thanks to Zachary’s gig this is no longer a problem. This fun gig has been set up for one great purpose – fun.

It is so easy to set up gigs that are helpful or based around your academic skills. However, everyone wants a break from all that once in a while, and Fourerr doesn’t just have to be about work, work, work…it can be about play too!

Zachary’s gig for example is all about friendly exchanges of teasing comments with your friends, and what better way to lighten a conversation, party atmosphere or best man’s speech than your very own banter-ful chitchat?

Zachary has been very successful in selling this gig on other micro job sites and now has come to Fourerr to share the fun with all us lucky Fourerr people. He describes himself as the joker when he was at school, and is always known for his great sense of humour wherever he goes. So why not, like Zachary, make the most of what you are good at? If you are famous amongst your friends, family and colleagues for being a “joker”, share it with Fourerr and who knows, you could soon be making money from it and making people smile at the same time – what could be more rewarding than that?

Short video clips are a great seller too; so if you’re not camera shy you could share with the Fourerr community your creative and funny skills – puppet shows, impressions, you singing dressed in a funny costume, stand up comedy, or sketches can all be advertised and uploaded to Fourerr for us all to appreciate.

Sometimes, the more whacky and weird the better – take a look at this gig for example:

It’s totally crazy, yet it really catches your eye. So set up your own fun gig today, remember it isn’t just sensible gigs that make money; appeal to people’s sense of humours too and you’ll soon have them rolling around on the floor laughing!

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