Top Five secrets for Sellers

Selling gigs can be hard if you are new to any micro-job site such as Fourerr. Quite often you can create a gig and then wonder why more people haven’t bought it. There may be a reason that you’re not making any money out of your gigs, but don’t panic. If you would like to know five great ways to get the most out of Fourerr, you have come to the right place. Here are the top five best kept secrets for making money on Fourerr; with these handy tips, you’ll be making money in no time.

Reach for your target ... with the Fourerr Top 5 Tips for sellers

1. Use an Eye-Catching title

We shall start with the most obvious thing: Making a really CLEAR yet eye-catching title. No buyer will hang around to read a wordy title that describes every tiny detail of the gig – that is what the ‘Description’ section is for.

For example if you are offering a gig where you edit people’s images to their preferred style, you do not need to say: “I will edit your photograph using Photoshop, Photoscape or Photoplus and will make it just the way you want it and then send it to you via post or as an attachment for $4”. That is extremely long-winded! Instead, shorten the title to something along the lines of: “I will Photoshop and enhance your photo for $4” – so much easier to read and if you like, you can then put details of image editing software and ways to deliver the image in the ‘Description’ part of your gig.

2. Have solid and relevant keywords

Make sure you have solid and relevant keywords – this will make it easier for buyers to find your gig. If you use the keyword ‘video’, this means that people searching for gigs offering promotional videos or tutorial videos will have your gig listed on the search results. By using other specific keywords such as ‘promotional’ or ‘music’, people searching for promotional music videos will be directed straight to your gig.

3. Be consistent, deliver high quality gigs at all times

Once you have had your first gig bought on Fourerr, don’t just assume they will all come flooding in from then on. Also, don’t assume that just because you have done one gig well and got great feedback on that, that you will always get great feedback. Good feedback is vital in keeping your gig in view of the Fourerr community. It’s all about consistency – keep standards of work high, deliver your gigs on time, be pleasant to do business with and more and more work will come to you.

4. Don’t wait for an order, get an order – use the suggestions

A little used promotional tool has tucked itself away very well on Fourerr; can you guess what it is? That’s right – it’s the ‘Suggest Gigs!’ box. Here, buyers are telling you what they are looking for. This is great if buyers are not coming to you – go to them instead and offer up your services. They will love the fact that you took the initiative to contact them.

5. Offer value for money

Once you have created a gig, you need to give it time to sit on Fourerr for a while. If nothing is happening and no one is buying your gigs, you just need to be patient and wait. However, as new gigs arrive on the site, older gigs tend to get buried. If it has been a couple of months and nothing has happened to your gig and no one has bought it, you could delete it and start again. Only do this if you have had NO response – if you have had lots of views on your gig but no buyers, perhaps you are not offering enough value for money. Rectify this and the orders should start coming in!

So there you have it Sellers – your very own top five secrets for how to use Fourerr in the most productive way.

Stay positive and happy micro-jobbing!

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  1. Kool info …

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