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The Best Selling Micro Jobs on Fourerr during January 2014 for online startups!

It feels that it was just last night that we were all wishing each other a Happy New Year and we were watching the spectacular fireworks across the world. The first month of the year has already passed. Wow! The Fourerr marketplace has been going well and we can see that young startup companies are … Continue reading

Best Practices

It’s almost Christmas … Let’s do something special for your buyers!

Have you seen the WestJet Video? No! Seriously you should have. WestJet setup a massive stunt that gained them millions of views on YouTube. 26 Million at the time of writing. WestJet just wanted to do something different, something special for their customers boarding the plane. When they boarded the plane they could tell a … Continue reading

Sellers / Tutorial

Tutorial: How to Submit Your Fourerr Gigs Automatically to Twitter and Facebook?

Listen: Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites today. Because of this, any business-minded person can use this site as the venue for advertising products and services. Using carefully worded and interesting tweets, these small business owners can draw the attention of people who may be interested in what they offer. Well, … Continue reading