3 Comments on Sent PayPal Payments to a seller directly at your own risk!

  1. Would you hand over your personal information such as a driver’s license or passport information to fourerr without knowing who the owner is? Certainly I won’t and you shouldn’t either. You don’t know who’s behind and what will be done with your personal information.

    It’s dangerous to provide anyone with information without knowing. You don’t need to be verified for such a website. After all, anyone dealing directing with a buyer or seller through paypal can easily get their money returned through paypal by opening a dispute.

    Micro job websites will not last forever as times change so do methods of interaction.

    • Andy,

      I fully agree with you. I wouldn’t encourage anyone to hand over any details to a source which they don’t know or trust. Fourerr exists for many years and is in the hands of a UK registered company called IT Enterprise Ltd. The company exists for about 12 years now. You can obtain all the registered documents from Companies House, including revenue and balance sheets if you wish.

      Last year we published a post about myself, Thomas De Vos –

      Becoming Fully Verified will benefit a seller enormously, just like you said you need to build up that trust. By proving to us who you are your buyers will trust you and can be certain about the person who they are dealing with.

      On Fourerr we hold the money from a buyer in Escrow until he is fully satisfied that he has received the service which he deserves. PayPal does not offer such a guarantee for services, only for products. Only when the buyer is fully happy we release the money to the seller.

      Let us know if you have any other questions?

      Enjoy your day


    • Andy,

      I love your Gig!

      Great presentation and very professional.



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